Monday, 3 September 2012

School. School. School.

The day has finally come - after six weeks of freedom, classic movies, reading, family holidays and general fun times - that my summer holiday has come to an end. Tomorrow I'll be going back to school. back to where Greer Garson and Robert Donat aren't running the school, where Maggie Smith isn't trying to send my friends off to fight wars in Spain (heaven forbid. Brodie group *shudder*), and Jean Arthur doesn't teach drama (lucky Meryl Streep gets all the breaks).

Tonight I watched Goodbye Mr Chips as a "Back To School" flick, and also as a kind of tribute to my old teacher who was really inspiring and has left this year. So that made me sad, and then Greer Garson and Robert Donat were the cutest thing since pandas, and then SHE DIED. MOST UNNECESSARY CHARACTER DEATH - EVER! Seriously guys. And then - JOHN MILLS AND PAUL HENRIED DIE TOO. WAS THIS MOVIE CREATED TO DESTROY ME???

Life ruiner
I think I wrote something like that last year, I also illustrated my heartache at returning to work and kind-of-play. This year there is only one gif to sum up my emotions (It's even Goodbye Mr Chips related, BEST SCHOOL MOVIE)

[My Gif]
Yes. This summer I’ve watched a great deal of interesting film and interesting actors. I’ve read many great books and I was getting a little concerned the other day about how many fictional characters and dead film stars I’ve become unnaturally attached to - I'm going to have to give myself some limit next year!

This summer I've become seriously obsessed (healthily/unhealthily?) with Laurence Olivier and watched and re-watched quite a few of his movies. I watched That Hamilton Woman which was a film I should have posted about but didn't (shame on me). I liked it a lot! New OTP, Larry and Vivien. For sure.

I had a Greer Garson resurgence (seriously tho, when am I not lovin Da Garson?) and I watched a couple more of her films, Valley Of Decision, Mrs Parkington and Scandal At Scourie (more on that in a fangirley post to follow later, hopefully). They were all wonderful and Greer was fabulous in all of them. FLAWLESS. Guys, we need a fan club here. The "What A Difference The Navy's Made To Me" song in Julia Misbehaves can be our anthem. Hell yeah.

Greer Garson presenting the Academy Award for Best Actor at the 24th Academy Awards, 1952.

Of course there were countless more obsessions but for now here's a half-remembered list of movies I've watched :-D
  1. Journey To Italy (1956) New
  2. Indiscreet (1958) Rewatch
  3. Roman Holiday (1952) Rewatch
  4. Funny Face (1956) Rewatch
  5. Charade (1969) Rewatch
  6. Rebecca (1940) Rewatch
  7. Wuthering Heights (1939) Rewatch
  8. That Hamilton Woman (1941) New
  9. The Valley Of Decision (1945) New
  10. Pride And Prejudice (1941) Rewatch
  11. Julia Misbehaves (1948) Rewatch
  12. Mrs Miniver (1942) Rewatch
  13. A Streetcar Named Desire (1956) New
  14. A Woman's Face (1938) New
  15. Blossoms In The Dust (1942) Rewatch
  16. Mrs Parkington (1944) New
  17. Scandal At Scourie (1953) New
  18. Hamlet (1948) New
  19. La Regle Du Jeu (1939) New
  20. Libeled Lady (1936) Rewatch
  21. Adam's Rib (1949) Rewatch
  22. Gypsy (1962) Rewatch
  23. Funny Girl (1967) Rewatch
  24. The Devil Wears Prada (2006) Rewatch
  25. Hugo (2011) New
  26. To Kill A Mockingbird (1962) Rewatch
  27. The Big Sleep (1946) New
  28. To Catch A Thief (1955) Rewatch
11 new, 17 rewatched.

So I'm going back tomorrow morning! Ugh. Anyway, there's a lot to look forward to. In October, I'm playing Juliet in an abridged production of Romeo and Juliet that we're doing for the Shakespeare School's Festival. Also, I get to wear two new jumper colours in May, and I'm sure there will be loads of things to look forward to. SPANISH EXCHANGE! Anyway. If you're back at school/work, I hope you're having fun, and if you're still on holiday, HAVE FUN!



Marcela Costa :} said...

Good luck in back to school! That first picture is stunning. Larry and Viv = creys
Cheers darling!

silverscreenings said...

That's an impressive list of movies! I spotted a copy of "The Devil Wears Prada" in a discount bin and did not pick it up - am regretting it now. Good luck in school this year!

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