Saturday, 8 December 2012

This Was Love, This Was The Real Thing: My Laurence Olivier Obsession

I don't know how well I've succeeded at keeping my huge Laurence Olivier obsession a secret on this blog but anyway, IT'S ALL COMING OUT NOW.

Since about August I've been just a bit obsessed with Laurence Olivier. I've watched a few more of his movies and generally been dedicated to worshipping his face. The situation actually became so serious a few weeks ago that I made a collage dedicated to appreciating the wonderment that is Larry Olivier.

There you go guys.
I just love him. He's such a romantic, charismatic - and let's just face it now - TALENTED actor. He also has an amazing mass of hair and he is extremely handsome. I can never work out which film of his is my favourite. UGH THERE ARE SO MANY. I adore Rebecca because he's so totally tortured and I just want to hug him the whole time, but then theres his adorably awkward performance in The Divorce Of Lady X (one of my favourite movies) but of course, there's Heathcliff in William Wyler's Wuthering  Heights... Kill me now!

The strangest movie I've watched for Larry was probably 49th Parallel - since he had near top billing I was expecting this to be a Powell and Pressburger war film with Larry starring as the heroic lead. Boy was I wrong. I watched Larry be a crazy French-Canadian, moustachioed fisherman in a lumberjack shirt for the fifteen minutes of the film and then he was killed off and I still had 2 hours left... THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU.

Of course I've covered 2/3 of the Viv and Larry (Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier) films, That Hamilton Woman, Fire Over England and I have 21 Days Together bookmarked. I totally ship them and think their story is tragic and romantic. Of course they probably were the most talented and prolific acting couple of the 20th century. But then again, the fact that Laurence Olivier was married to Vivien Leigh somehow decreases my chances even further of going back in a past life to marry Laurence Olivier (me and Victoria have tried to logically justify this but we failed) unless I actually WAS Vivien Leigh...

His directorial and adaptational skills are insanely good. I watched his Hamlet which was a really interesting interpretation and it was a beautiful experience to watch.

I meed more people to fangirl over him with!!!! The wonderful Franka and I can over-excitedly scream and talk for hours about Laurence Olivier, Rachel is also getting to like him and my real life BEST FRIEND and classic-movie-aholic, Ia is also a little in love with him. But let's spread the Larry love!!!! Obviously there's Kendra from the incredible Viv and, but WE NEED MORE GUYS!

I just can't explain it omg I love that man so much you may have guessed I'm a bit obsessed just NOOOOO I can't anymore with life because he doesn't exist and he doesn't go to my school and he just AHHHHHHH.

This has been an intelectual update from the extremely coherent brain of yours truly. Hahaha no. I'm sorry for the amount of capital letters and lack of punctuation...


P.S. Tell me if you love Laurence Olivier, too :-D


Margaret Perry said...

Well, if this was ten years ago, when I was like 14, i would totally fangirl over Olivier with you! but i'm so over it. i do like him in LOVE AMONG THE RUINS with Katharine Hepburn. have you seen that one?

silverscreenings said...

I agree that Laurence Olivier was incredibly talented and when he's in a scene he's mesmerizing. I can't say I share the same level affection as you, but I complement you on your good taste. :)

My favourite Olivier "performance" is the WWII documentary series "World At War", a BBC production from the 1970s. Olivier was the narrator and he's AMAZING.

Page said...

You've given us even more reasons to covet Olivier. I've been reading his bio which I've got about one chapter left of. He certainly had a flare for prose, especially when writing his very intimate letters to Viv. I found myself quite embarrassed when reading a few of them actually.

You've chosen some great photos but I can't get past his pasty legs in the one.

I share your admiration for Larry as my favorite film of all time is Rebecca. I loved him opposite Fontaine. A great script and performance by both.

You just keep loving Larry, as his fan club is vast and well deserved. : )

Mahendran jaganathan said...

This blog is really cool and nice.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge Olivier fan! Elizabeth

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