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Happy New Year readers! I hope you are having (I refuse to acknowledge the fact that it will soon be over) a beautiful holiday. I certainly am :D I can't believe it's 2013! It seems like 2012 went by in a whirl. So many wonderful things happened for me in 2012, I just hope this year can live up to my high expectations. I decided to celebrate the new year by giving the blog it's well deserved finishing touches design wise, and I have to say it's my favourite yet. It looks like a flower fairy came and scattered rose petals and glitter on my computer. Anyway, here's a little compilation of my favourite posts this year.

January: The Lion In Winter (1968)

I wrote about the Lion In Winter, which is one of my favourite Katharine Hepburn movies. As I wrote to my best friend Ia when I gave her this movie as a present, "If this movie doesn't make you want to be a badass medieval queen I don't know what will."

February: Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman: The Ship That Never Left The Dock

Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. One of the most famous screen couples with the most chemistry yet they only made two films together (Notorious, 1946 and Indiscreet, 1958). Why? No one knows. They remained best friends their whole lives. I'm devastated they never got married and had babies.

March: Box Set Mondays: Myrna Loy

Myrna Loy is one of the most underrated actresses of her generation, remembered almost solely for her performance as Nora Charles in the Thin Man Series with William Powell. She had the potential to be a Bette Davis style powerhouse of a dramatic actress but was sadly never given that chance by her studio. This was a post to appreciate her versatility and also to remind Turner Classic Movies to get on with their Myrna Loy boxed set!

April: Sometimes I Cry Because Audrey Hepburn

I sometimes forget just how much I love Audrey Hepburn. I think she gets lost in this void of "style icon" and was never recognised for her acting talent as much as she should have been.

May: Mata Hari (1931)

This movie came from my Greta Garbo boxed set and it was one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. It just had to be posted about.

June: Private Lives (1931)

I love this film adaptation of Noel Coward's fabulous Private Lives almost as much as the real thing. Robert Montgomery is hilarious. I watched this film repeatedly for about two weeks...

July: Notorious (1946)

I guess this is a sort of continuation of the "Cary and Ingrid" theme, but Notorious is my favourite Alfred Hitchcock movie so any excuse to blog about it! They are the most romantic pair. In my opinion, this really is one of Hitch's best.

August: A Woman's Face (1938) Starring Ingrid Bergman

I was truly blown away by A Woman's Face, a Swedish 1938 film starring my favourite, Ingrid Bergman. It's an extraordinarily well crafted film and needless to say that Ingrid Bergman's acting is second to none. This was made before she made her move to Hollywood.

September: "You've such a way of looking at people." Happy Birthday, Greer Garson!

Greer Garson's birthday was on the 29th of October so I made a big post about how much I love her and why. It turned into a kind of "GREER GARSON IS THE REDHEADED QUEEN OF ALL THINGS LOVELY." Sorry.

October: Romeo and Juliet on Broadway, 1940 - The Oliviers

My Laurence Olivier obsession was growing... Also, I played Juliet twice this year (both productions were successes I'm pleased to say!) and both the play and the process of the show were HUGE parts of 2012 for me. Aside from any deep philosophical meaning in this post, Viv and Larry are pretty.

*I didn't post all November...*

December: This Was Love, This Was The Read Thing: My Laurence Olivier Obsession

You guys were warned... Kind of.... I have a huge crush on Laurence Olivier which started in about July. Various forms of self expression have been experimented with to get this out of my system, collages, tribal dances and wolf calls... Not really, but the collage was a very real thing that is currently residing on my cupboard door. LARRY I LOVE YOU.

So there you go! Hopefully I'll have more time to post on this blog this year, I've quit Tumblr so there should be more time to blog, though with schoolwork and shows I'm afraid I can't promise anything!!! I'm just about to go and watch Stromboli (the first film directed by Roberto Rossellini that starred Ingrid Bergman, and we all know the story there!).



Sofia said...

Notorious is my favorite hitchcock too, it's a terrific film and Grant and Bergman were perfect together. Also, the Greta Garbo film looks really interesting, the dance is haunting.

Laurence was perfection, a very fitten obsession if you ask me!

Rianna said...

I miss you around here, Bette!! It's been so long since we talked. But I understand you, I just about died taking my midterms in December & my holiday ends tomorrow so it's back to the usual :( Anyways, I love the new blog design and I hope you have fun watching Stromboli hahah :D Happy New Year's!

Marcela Costa :} said...

I hadn't seen the Lion In Winter post, so thanks for putting it here again! Stromboli is great! :)

Page said...

I'm glad you had a great 2012 and wishing you even more success, fun in 2013!

I'm also really liking the new layout with the cheery flowers and Greer. You can never go wrong with GG gifs. ha ha

Lovely film choices to highlight the months behind us, showcasing great classic films.

silverscreenings said...

I like this new design.

Here's to another great year of blogging in 2013! :)

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