Saturday, 18 October 2014

I've Moved [blog] House!

Hellooo everybody!!!

I'm so pleased to see I haven't been abandoned by my followers during my long absence!!! I've been super bogged down by school work for the past year (I recently took GCSEs and am now studying A Levels), but recently I got so lonesome for my classic movie writing and watching I decided to start a new blog! It's called, "Nouvelle Vagueness," a play on the name for the "New Wave" period of French Film. It will still be a predominantly classic film blog, with the addition of maybe some literature and culture in general. I've also decided to use my real name this time which is Madeleine (not Bette, shock horror!) Please, please, please go and have a look and please follow! I'd love to keep lots of my old readers. I've just published a post on Greta Garbo which you can read here.

Hope to see many of you over there!